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RF Support Ltd offer a full repair, refurbishment and calibration service on the complete range of RF equipment found in today's fab.

RF Equipment from Advanced Energy, Applied Materials, Branson/IPC, Comdel, Drytek, ENI, Henry Radio, Huttinger, LAM, Matrix, Mattson, MKS, MRC, Novellus, Plasma Therm, RF Services, RFPP, Seren, SET, Tegal, Trazar and Varian are all part of the repair portfolio.

Microwave power supplies from ASTeX, AGL and GAE used on the Applied Materials, Gasonics Novellus sytems have also been added to the list. Call us now to see if your equipment is covered.

We also support high power DC power supplies from Advanced Energy and ENI/MKS, and have added some of the smaller housekeeping supplies.

With our wide engineering background we are also able to support some of your other equipment in the fab. If you have an engineering problem, give us a call we will always try and help.

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